Originally I intended to post my rendition of the course of the 2009 Darmstadt (Half-)Marathon here, which I’m entertaining in my mind to take part in. I was going to enter it in Google Earth (and actually did, but first it wouldn’t export it into a KML file, then the path was flying a couple of hundred meters in the air…), but then I took a bit more time to look around and stumbled upon, where this track can already be found. The site looks like a great resource and I’ll check it out more for sure.


Why do I need this? I got the ultimate in Nerd training computers yesterday, a Garmin Forerunner 305, a GPS-enabled training computer. The fact that it can be configured to train in different heart activity regions, measure your times and whatnot is at most secondary to the feature of it measuring the course using GPS and being able to import the exact track into Google Earth or Sport Tracks right after the run.