Hello and welcome to my blog!

I blog about several things:


I am very much interested in games. I am working on games, I research games and of course I play games.
I’m not blogging about the very latest news in games, places like Kotaku or RPS are much better at that. Instead, I post my impressions of games that I played. My favourite genres are those that involve strong stories, including most adventure games, many RPGs and some shooters. Every couple of years I try out a strategy game, enjoy it for some time and then realize I’m not very good at them :-)


I am a strong believer in life-long learning, and I’m seeing it more and more that the professional work space requires a large amount of personal initiative to stay on top of things. Therefore, I’m working on a projects in my free time to continue learning or try out new things.


Sometimes I touch upon aspects of my life. For example, I am very enthusiastic about vintage Jazz from the swing era.