Cargo: A sci-fi point & click adventure game

Cargo is a small point & click adventure game I developed in 2014 while taking part in the “Online Drawing Class” by Michael Musal ( The game is built with the Adventure Game Studio ( ) toolkit.

The game follows the protagonist Vala who is living in a futuristic world but is doing a very boring job – cargo handling at a spaceport. But on one day, she encounters a very special cargo that sends her onto a short but intense quest to save a new-found friend.

I presented the game at the 2014 AdventureX in London. You can find the talk I delivered at AdventureX on youtube at: (if you hate it when speakers try to cram way too much into a 30 minutes presentation, then please skip this recording…)

I got some really great feedback while presenting at AdventureX, but unfortunately, other projects took over and I did not find the time again to follow up and by now this project is way too far in the past to go back to it. Nevertheless I wanted to properly save it, so I went in and cleaned it up a bit, replaced the blatantly copyright-infringing sounds with creative commons ones and put the project on github. You can find everything over at

To try the game, please find the compiled binary on github at,

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