The Book of Unwritten Tales


A very nice German adventure. I passed most of these by (for example, the Ankh series) but I’m starting to catch up.

The puzzles were sometimes straightforward but well designed. Especially the finale has a very good twist to it with an idea I would like to see much more often in games. There was a bit of an unnatural break between chapters (in one scene the cast departs on an air ship, in the next they are talking about having to repair the air ship without a cut scene explaining why in between), but otherwise the story is of the same high quality as the rest of the game.

In other news, I wrote a small tool today for myself for helping in fusing personas in Persona 3 FES (I’m 4 levels away from the final boss, btw). It’s a good opportunity to try out some optimization techniques, both for C#/.net in general and the specific algorithms used. I think I’ll clean up the source code when I’m done with it and release it here along with a small background/tutorial post.

In yet other news, Monkey Island is back! There’s both a remake of the original as well as new games as episodes. I’m actually a bit more excited about the new episodes – on the one hand you don’t mess with Monkey Island so the remake will have a hard time staying true to the original, on the other hand I have a lot of trust in Telltale to continue the story in the episodes. Funny that I was comparing the Telltale Tool to the SCUMM engine in an earlier post…