Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney


Mhh. I’ve just passed the 52 hours mark in Persona 3, yet I have to say I cared about the characters in this game a lot more than I care about the characters in Persona 3. Of course I’m not totally uninterested in seeing the Persona 3 story to the end, otherwise I would have stopped playing it, but Apollo Justice turned out to be a really good game.

Due to a bit of a misconception on my side, I didn’t notice that this wasn’t the first game in the series. However, I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to get the previous 3 games as well, the gameplay felt very refreshing. Turning a whole case around based on a logical flaw in the testimony of a witness feels awesome especially when every case is as much over-the-top as it is in this game.

By the way, my favourite character was Trucy (and of course the amazing Mister Hat), have a look at this great cosplay of the two:



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