Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures – Fright of the Bumblebees


I’ve never seen Wallace & Gromit before, but now I think I should get the movies and have a look at them, these characters are really funny :-) I just finished playing through this first episode in the new series by Telltale from start to finish in about 3 1/2 hours and I enjoyed myself very much.

I wonder if these games are just simple or if I’ve gotten the hang of the weird riddles by playing the Strong Bad games. I mean some of the puzzles were far from obvious, but it never took me long to figure out the solution. We’ll see how the next episodes will be, the next one will be out in May.


A quick side note, I’m still on Persona 3 FES. In the typical style of a JRPG, I’m nearing the 40 hours mark. I just passed what was desribed by the FAQ I’m using as the most annoying battle in the game, and I think from the story I’m starting to approach the end game (what, again in the JRPG style could mean something like 10-15 hours more). I certainly hope that there’s not the dreaded realization at the end that the last boss is way harder than everything else before and I’m going to have to spend hours leveling the characters up just to get to the end. And then there’s “The Answer” (additional content in the FES version) left, I will only subject myself to that if the story at the the end of “The Journey” seems worth it.

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