Dragon Age: Origins


The reviews saying that this game is huge were pretty accurate, I saw the end of it after 64 hours of playtime. Compared to some other long games I played in the recent past (such as Persona 3), the length didn’t really come from recylcled dungeons or lame side quests (though relatively insubstantial, DA:O’s side quests are much better than those of Mass Effect 1), but the locations and story were continuing to be interesting throughout the game.

However, compared to Mass Effect 1, I got the feeling that the story was a bit too much stretched. At some points where all the threads of the story come together, the game has a really good fantasy, Lord of the Rings-style feeling to it, but the time in-between feels a bit too long. But this could also be from me taking about 4 months to get the game done.

I think I will also eventually play the add-on Awakening, but now I’ve first started two very different games. On the one hand, there’s Just Cause 2 (way over the top action, reminds me a bit of Stunt Island, so really nice for some quick action) and Heavy Rain (interesting story, but seems to be over too quick and actual gameplay is a bit scarce).