War in Space Day 22

Ok, again not much time spent on the project due to other things. I looked into JigLibX, and found that it requires some fiddling before it can be built for XBox 360. Furthermore, even though it seems to work well, it doesn’t feature a point – triangle mesh collision detection, which is why I’ll spend a part of the last week or so rolling my own version.

What I’m going to do is to reduce the problem to 2D by saving a collision polygon together with the models of the ships. Then, I’ll use a simple point-in-polygon test, as described on this page by Paul Bourke. For the import, I’ll use the Maya obj exporter and modify the sample XNA custom model importer for my needs.

Aside from this, I’ll try to make the game more visually appealing and finalize gameplay so it feels like a finished project. That means I’ll look into setting up lighting correctly, get a nice texture for the planet/sun in the middle, display the projectiles as sprites, create some models for the ships themselves and maybe some effect when they are destroyed.

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