War in Space Day 16

The nemesis of all after-work projects has shown itself in the second week of this project… Unfortunately, work and other things took up too much time, and I found myself not doing at least a bit of work on the project. So I missed the mini-iteration on the weekend and am still working on the wrapping around.

In a first step, I implemented axis-aligned bounding boxes (AABBs) today, in order to check if a ship or other object has completely left the visible screen. For handling the wrapping around, a ship is transported to the other side of the screen once it has completely left the screen. When that works, updating the collision detection will be the next item on the menu.

This small break in the project is a good reminder about what it takes to pursue such an interest. One thing I have also read quite often on places like lifehacker is to work on something you want to improve in every day, even if it is just a very short time. Otherwise, the next day it will be even harder to keep going.

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