Prince of Persia (2008)


Some say the newest Prince of Persia is too easy. Their argument is supported by the fact that you can’t die. I don’t agree to this. While it is true that your princess sidekick, Elika, will always save you from falling, this will not really get you past any obstacles. The system works different from the mechanic in Sands of Time, where you could rewind time for a couple of seconds. In this game, you are set back to the last time you had solid ground under your feet. If you can’t make the next set of jumps which sent you to your death, you will not get past them without learning the game mechanics better.

I think the game has a very nice flow, similar to parts of Mirror’s Edge. Of course it’s easy since often the game will make it easy for you, for example the “double jump” assisted by Elika will often propel you just that little longer or further up you need to grab a ledge. This is context sensitive, since for close calls Elika will throw you a lot further than for jumps that can’t go wrong.

I liked this game. The style (a bit reminiscent of Okami, especially when healing the lands) is nicely executed, the gameplay and story are ok. Now to wait for the DLC which will continue the story a bit further.

This will be the last “finished game” post for a while (since this was the last game I had started playing and haven’t finished yet – not counting Fallout 3, which I haven’t played much past the tutorial). With the next couple of posts I’m going to go further into other aspects I was planning for this blog. The most important of those will beĀ  “Learning Languages with Games” – stay tuned!

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