The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition


I know, I’m about 19 years late for writing about finishing this game… However, there was a first for me in this playthrough, I never played the game in English before, as my nostalgic feelings were always connected to the German translation by Boris Schneider.

The quality of the game and the writing is still amazing. I didn’t really remember how funny the whole time on Monkey Island was until I played it again. And there are some parts that modern adventures don’t get right, for example, being spared the walk back to the cannibal camp after getting the root. I was missing two things I have become reliant upon in modern adventures: hotspot highlighting and double-clicking on exits. But then again Guybrush moves pretty fast so it’s not needed.

I’d love few things more than having a detailed look at how the game was programmed. I mean, this is the first time I saw the job “Code Archeologist” in the credits. Judging from the way you can instantly toggle between the classic and remake versions and that the characters have the same animation stages and sometimes overlap parts of the re-drawn graphics, I guess that the code is based on the old SCUMM system, with higher resolution artwork (I haven’t checked yet to see if there are developer diaries or such). I would imagine it would be thrilling to go into the LucasArts archives and look into the original game and SCUMM code (I bet there’s also some things that were cut and a number of jokey hidden away in there). Where do you sign up as a code archeologist?

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