Black Mirror 2


After a long stretch of “funny” adventure games, Black Mirror 2 is an adventure of the “serious” kind. I remember that I liked the first part a lot, though I have to say I had forgotten large parts of the plot. The second part is also a good adventure game.

You take the role of Darren Michaels, who in 1993 visits his mother in a small New England town. Working at a photographer’s shop, he meets a young girl, Angelina. After this meeting, mysterious things start happening: his mother falls into a coma, his boss is allegedly killed by Angelina and a mysterious stranger is following him. All paths seem to lead to the castle Black Mirror.

The atmosphere of the game is dense and the story has a nice twist. The end is a bit of a letdown, but it’s ok. To be continued…

Again, the riddles of the game are pretty straightforward (except for my old vice, the sliding puzzle, which made another return in this game…). I wonder if adventure games were harder in the “old times” or if I just have enough experience playing them by now.

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