New Project: War in Space (working title)


After not getting ahead much with the P3 FES Calculator, I want to push this project a bit. The coming week will see the last posts I had prepared on it being published, and I’ll clean up the whole thing a bit (write some help, nicer DataTemplates, …) and release it when the weekend comes up.

After that, my plan is to go over to a new project which will start a series of similar projects with which I want to get more into new programming languages and systems, as well as get more fit when it comes to game development. The first project will be a clone of SpaceWar (I know, it’s been done before…) using XNA. After that will be similar projects for iPhone as well as Nintendo DS. The basic idea is that I want to see how far I can get using one month of programming on a platform that’s completely/relatively new to me.

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