Shifter’s Box


I found this small gem by Ben Chandler via RPS, and just finished playing it. Like a lot of small and large games created with AGS it captures the spirit of the grand age of adventure games very well. The animations are very nicely done and also add a lot of details, for example when you get a branch from a tree at the beginning the bird sitting on it will fly away shortly and sit back on the tree after a while. Also the puzzles are, as RPS pointed out, very well designed.

So overall this short game (~1 hour to complete) has a very dreamy, nice atmosphere and I quite enjoyed it. Now it’s back to Persona 3, where I have 20 or so hours past me and I fear it will be around 30 or so more. However, the story is picking up pace during the last times I played, so there is no danger of this game not ending up in the “Finished” category.

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