Undercover: Dual Motives


And another game that took me ridiculously long. I had this game with me along with my NDS during my last summer vacation (this sounds slighty nerdy, but I assure you I saw the sun during that vacation; I even got around to surf!). So I have a save game from the middle of July after which I didn’t really continue – that is until this month.

The game makes good use of the restricted platform of the NDS. Some of the puzzles seemed too constructed, while others were too easy (something needs unscrewing – let’s try the screwdriver). It helps a bit to always talk to Audrey, the second PC which can be controlled, since she can give tips where to continue.

All in all it’s a good adventure game, in quality and length similar to the “big” Undercover game on the PC.

As an afterthought, I wonder how long they were thinking about the English title before they gave up on making it something with the initials DS… In german it’s “Undercover: Doppeltes Spiel”.

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